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Valvoline Introduces EV Specific Products

Bangalore, 3rd December 2019: Valvoline, a leading worldwide supplier of premium branded lubricants and automotive services, recently announced first of its electric vehicle-specific product with the introduction of Valvoline EV Performance Fluids. Future electric-vehicle product and service offerings are planned.

Valvoline has introduced a series of electric vehicle fluids to extend not only the battery life but other components of an electric vehicle too, helping to optimize overall performance and contributing to longer vehicle lifespan.

“Our technical team has consistently developed products to meet the needs of changing vehicle technology,” said Heidi Matheys, Valvoline chief marketing officer. “Valvoline’s latest products — combined with upcoming news about additional EV offerings — are indicative of the commitment we have to both our customers and our 150-year tradition of innovation.”

Valvoline’s new product line works to solve common EV issues surrounding battery temperature variations, powertrain performance and both brake system corrosion and seal bearing failure, among others.

Product line addresses EVs’ unique needs

  • Valvoline EV Heat Transfer Fluids
  • Valvoline EV Drive System Fluid
  • Valvoline EV Brake Fluid
  • Valvoline EV Grease

Mr. Sandeep Kalia, MD, Valvoline Cummins Pvt Ltd. India said, “Valvoline has continually invested in products and services for vehicles of the future during our long history, and this has remained true for new EV technologies, We have maintained a very close technical and commercial relationship with many of the innovative OEM’s in the EV world, ultimately leading to the launch of this new product offering that helps to ensure optimum vehicle performance as EV technologies rapidly evolve. Talking about Indian market, the product line will soon be available in India.”

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