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Vice-Chancellor of Panjab University says no rollback on fees hike

On Tuesday, Vice-Chancellor Arun Kumar Grover of Panjab University said that university can upsurge the income slab for fee discount but will not take back its choice of the fee hike. VC said that the entire rollback is not thinkable and already restrictions have been clarified to the students.

After a meeting of Core Committee of PU Senators and representatives of student groups, he said that the students have made suggestions to improve numerous supports in which the fee discounts were firstly offered and extra proposals have come in on how the advantage of discounts can be comprehensive to the income clusters of up to Rs 7.5 lakh and Rs 10 lakh.

According to the sources, students have raised the demand for removal of a police complaint against the students accused with the April 11 college ferocity. In the meeting, Additional Solicitor General of India advised the university administrators to take the aid of Solicitor General of India on this matter and told them that the lawful procedure could take time till some reprieve spreads the students.

Grover said the reps of student groups elevated concern about the students who got stuck in the ferocity that occurred on April 11 and requested university to take actions to bar their careers because exams were on the way.

Further, he said that we have decided to take active steps on behalf of the university to bar student’s career. Also, University administration has been counselled and I have recognised accountability that I shall intermingle with the UT Administration in view of saving students career and they can attend exams.



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