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Vidisha a Miracle baby bears six heart attacks after 12-hour surgery

A baby is given the name as Miracle baby yes the four-month-old baby girl whose name is Vidisha. The baby girl was born with a foremost heart flaw which had wanted a 12-hour surgery and the girl went thru the surgery and thereafter she suffered six heart attacks too. It is definitely a miracle for everyone who hears this wonder story of a four-month-old baby girl Vidisha.

She was born to Kalyan inhabitants Vishaka and Vinod Waghmare and now she is about to get discharged from B J Wadia Hospital in next two or three days.

Vidisha’s parents could hardly manage Rs 25,000 against the actual cost of the operation that is Rs 5-lakh. The rest of the amount was funded by numerous givers of the hospital.

Vidisha’s mother said that when she was only 45 days old, she heaved after feeding and fell comatose. The hurled her awake but she was again and later on, they could understand that her daughter was having major heart troubles.

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