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Violence erupts in Darjeeling after weeks of relative peace

Just as it was being thought that the situation in Darjeeling was getting normal, violence erupted again in the area, as pro-Gorkhaland supporters came out in the streets to protest and subsequently clashed with the police. The violence occurred near Sukna today, as the indefinite strike entered its 45th day today. As per information provided by the Darjeeling district administration, the pro-Gorkhaland supporters tried to forcibly enter Siliguri. The protestors were demanding that Siliguri should also be included in the proposed Gorkhaland. The protestors were carrying knives, swords and Khukri and it became very dangerous for the security forces to control them.

To stop the protestors, the police set up barricades near the Sukna road crossing. The police requested the protestors to turn back, but the angry mob was in no mood to listen to the police. The protestors first broke through some of the barricades and then they started pelting stones at the police. In order to stop them, the police had to carry out a baton charge and use water cannons. This infuriated the mob even more and they burnt some of the vehicles that were parked in the vicinity. The pro-Gorkhaland supporters are currently carrying out a sit-in demonstration on the Sukna-Siliguri road. Sensing more trouble in the area, a large contingent of police and security forces has been deployed in the area.

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