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VS Hospitals organizesHOPE 2019

Chennai, June 19, 2019: VS Hospitals has recently organized an event for Cancer Survivors in Chennai. The aptly named “Hope 2019” saw heartwarming instances of cancer survivors narrating their ordeal with the dreadful disease and how they were able to defeat it with sheer will, hope and modern medicine. The event was presided over by Prof Dr S Subramanian, Chairman & Managing Director, VS Group of Hospitals. Former Superintendent of Police, Sri AKaliyamoorthy IPS and versatile Tamil actor, Sri John Vijay participated in the event as Chief Guests.

Around 150 Cancer survivors including children participated in the event. The event served as a session of myth busters that are spun around cancer as a disease in general consciousness. It also served as a platform to showcase the advancement of science in dealing with diseases today in a more effective and at the same time putting the patient through as minimal hardship as possible.

Prof Dr S Subramanian said “I have the unique privilege of being a close-quarter witness to the frustrating early days of oncology and the rapid progress this specialty has made in the information era. Such a survivors meet with so many in attendance would not have been a possibility few decades ago, but today it is as real as sunshine.” He further added “However in my 50 years of medical practise, it has always been the bravest and those filled with hope, who havemanaged to beat this disease in the days of inadequate medical facilities. Today we are ready to face any kind of challenge cancer might throw at us and can confidently say we can defeat it”

Sri A Kaliyamoorthy IPSremarked “Gone should be those days when people used to fear the treatment of cancer more than the disease itself. Modern science has brought to us very effective and multiple treatment options for cancer and these brave hearts who have spoken, stand as living examples that add value to this fact.

“Never before in history has mankind been prepared to face adversities like we do today. We are lucky to be living in the era of reasoning and constructive thinking.”said Sri John Vijay, while addressing the gathering at Hope. He further added “As an artist I take inspiration from real life to add more value to my work, and I’m happy discovering so many inspiring stories and incredible men and women”

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