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Monday , 22 April 2019
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VUZE purchasers will receive a 6 month free trial key of RS360 cinema

VisiSonics and Humaneyes Technologies are proud to announce the availability of the Vuze+ Stereoscopic 3D 360 Camera with in-camera capability to capture first order ambisonics in addition to the inclusion of the RealSpaceTM360 Cinema app designed to enable content creators to easily produce immersive 3D ambisonics audio content to complete their 360 video experiences. 

For 360 video, capturing audio as object data is too computationally intensive, and requires a player that can read the scene data (such players are being developed by VisiSonics.) A commonly used intermediate audio solution, which allows the representation of the sound field near a listener using specialized mathematical functions called spherical harmonics, is known as ambisonics. Ambisonics is a sound-encoding method to store directional 3D audio using information from a minimum of four audio signals for first order, and more audio signals as the order increases. YouTube and Facebook have adopted ambisonics as the 3D audio system for their 360 video players due to the lower run-time processing requirements of lower-order ambisonics. In addition, ambisonics sound fields are rotatable with yaw, pitch, and roll for use with head-mounted displays. 

“Virtual Reality is the ultimate platform for storytelling,” says, Shahar Bin-Nun, CEO of Humaneyes Technologies, “and 3D audio, is a very important part of it, allowing for a full immersive experience: reliving the story, like in real life. We perceive sound in all directions at once and perceive something behind us without the need to turn our heads. Our partnership with VisiSonics enables Humaneyes to offer its user base, first order ambisonics spatial audio creation using just Vuze+ camera, without a need for any special microphone or software. ”

Introducing RealSpaceTM 360 (RS360) Cinema for VUZE users

Available as a complement to the VUZE VR Studio software, RS360 is a 3D audio authoring tool for 360 content creators enabling the following: 

  • Import of various audio and video formats (including stereoscopic video, Ambisonics up to 7th order, mono, and stereo audio formats)
  • Authoring of spatial audio paths using keyframes using a highly visual and intuitive workflow without a professional audio workstation
  • Export to YouTube, Facebook 360 video platforms in addition to up to 7th order Ambisonics audio 
  • Available for Windows and macOS

With RS360, users can add additional tracks to be mixed with the Ambisonics audio from VR Studio, in full-spherical 3D, enabling content creators to create more sophisticated sound mixes for export to YouTube and Facebook. Additional mono tracks can be keyframed with visually intuitive spatial audio paths with track objects represented in a 3D ‘Scene Editor’. 

“VisiSonics is proud to partner with the innovative team at Humaneyes to provide in-camera ambisonics audio capture as well as providing our RS360 Cinema authoring tool for users of the Vuze Plus.” adds, Ramani Duraiswami, founder and President of VisiSonics Corporation. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with Humaneyes on future products.”


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