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Walwhan Lake in Lonavla overflowing due to heavy rainfall

Mumbai has been experiencing continuous and heavy downpour since Saturday morning.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a warning saying that residents should expect heavy rainfall over the next three days.

An IMD official was quoted as saying, “There was widespread rainfall in the city and it will continue in a similar manner for next three days. The eastern suburbs of Mumbai received good rainfall as compared to other areas of the city.”

Transport has been affected by the heavy rains as flights are experiencing a 20 minute delay on average.

Further, the suburban railway is experiencing heavy delays with many trains being cancelled or delayed for long periods.

Schools and colleges remain open for the time being but as the rain continues to pour, that could change.

As per an alert issued by Head of Bhivpuri and Khopoli Hydro Power Station, the Walwhan Lake situated in Lonavla is overflowing and had reached a level of 633.79 Mtr by 8 am on August 27.

The full supply level of the lake is 635.20 Mtr. “As this area is experiencing heavy rainfall since past few days, it is to inform you that this dam is likely to over flow if the situation continues,” the advisory said.

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