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Wanna Protect Your Family from Common Habits Which Make Your Loo A Health Hazard?

We all know that the toilet can be the best place for germs and bacteria, so we try our best to keep as clean as possible. However, no matter how clean we keep it, we could be missing some important things which deteriorate all our good work. Moreover, we are sorry to say that most statistics showed that men can be the first one to be blamed for that.

You might clean your toilet daily and keep it spotless, but it won’t always be enough, toilet have a reputation for being the dirtiest place in any house​. While we clean our bathroom everyday (once or twice, we may be falling in some traps which will turn our toilets into a health hazard as a result. According to the experts, there are the two main traps which almost everyone do without realising: 1- Flushing with the toilet seat UP.

We all know that we must not flush with the toilet seat up, but most of us, especially men, still do it. It may not seem like a big deal for some of you, but it is churning up all manner of nasties. The main role of the flush is to take away the toilet bowl contents.

These contents contains various bacteria and germs including high quantities of Salmonella and Shigella. However, not any flush can carry waste away, it must be powerful and sometimes it can fire up to 15 feet in the air.

When we flush with the toilet seat up, the dirty contaminated water lands on other surfaces in our bathroom like the sink, floor, or our toothbrushes which is the biggest danger.

Therefore, it is so crucial to put the toilet seat down before flushing in order to protect your bathroom against the spread of germs in the bathroom. In this way, you will keep any germs inside the toilet bowl and prevent it from going outside and polluting from other surfaces.

2- Wrong usage of the toilet brush. Sometimes it is not enough to flush to remove all the dirt and germs so we resort to the toilet brush. In general, we often use the toilet brush to scrub away faecal matter and when we finish.

However, the bacteria which is found in stools will transfer to the toilet brush and stay there when we place it back into the toilet brush holder.

In this step, we have the bacteria on the wet toilet brush which will encourages germ multiplication. The solution here is to bleach it after each use to kill germs and minimise the danger, then left to sit over the toilet bowl until dry.

It is very recommended to use a rubber gloves and cleaning products to clean the brush completely without spreading the germs. Bathrooms are the dirtiest place in your house, and your husband and kids may not be as responsible as you. Therefore, keep your eyes open to keep your family safe.

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