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Warm up your Winters with these Kitchen Appliances by Wonderchef

It is the time of the year when the temperature drops, and you find out ways to make the colder months endurable. To beat the chill and keep yourself warm you figure out ways like adding extra layers of clothing or making and sipping a hearty soup to rejoice and make merry.

With Christmas and New Year being round the corner, we would indulge in good food, or dish out piping hot snacks which will help us enjoy the season in full swing. Keeping this in mind, Wonderchef Home Appliances, India’s premium brand of innovative and healthy kitchenware, headed by serial entrepreneur Mr. Ravi Saxena and Chef Sanjeev Kapoor both who fully believe in the tenet of “Eat right, live healthy”, have got you to pick these absolute must-have kitchen appliances and get set for winters 2018-2019.

Here goes on the list of five most useful kitchen appliances that are a must have for making your winters cosy and comfy.

Wonderchef Smoky Grill Electric Barbeque–  Wonderchef Smoky Grill Electric Barbeque as a  kitchen appliance can be a perfect addition during winters as this will let your dear ones enjoy their favourite grilling sessions. The portable barbeque is one such appliance that will let you gorge on Paneer/Chicken tikka, kebabs and your own smoky sausages this winter. Now roast and grill your way to a fun winter with this must have kitchen appliance. This will be absolutely useful and encourage you to pump up the party scenes with lip smacking Tandoori delicacies for your guests!

MRP: 4,990/-

Offer Price: 4,499/-

Wonderchef Cuppaccino – Coffees and winters go hand in hand. A good coffee maker is the kind of addition to let you have a cafe like coffee at home itself, that too in just 3 minutes. Made for that perfectly cold chilly winter morning, this is one of the best coffee makers for any home. Wonderchef’s Cuppaccino can effortlessly, create luscious, aromatic foam. You can pour milk, coffee and sugar altogether and have a great professional quality drink each day.

MRP: 7,000/-

Offer Price: 4,999/-

Wonderchef Automatic Soup Maker– Winters call for a perfect time to sit with a bowl full of steaming hot soup ideally made at home. But, making soups at home has never been so easy. Wonderchef Automatic Soup Maker makes for a quick and easy-to-use appliance where on a touch of a button and without any supervision you can get a perfect, tasty and healthy soup every time. It heats, boils, blends and mixes automatically to make sumptuous soups, blends, smoothies, compotes, etc.

MRP: 9,000/-

Offer Price: 6,999/-

Wonderchef Egg Boiler– No matter what your kitchens need but, buying an egg boiler this winter will surely be appreciated by each member of your family. It will be a best treat to ease your breakfast regime with this incredible gadget each chilly morning. Wonderchef Egg Boiler will boil your eggs to perfection within 6-9 minutes depending on your preference for half-boiled, soft-boiled or hard-boiled eggs. It can boil 7 eggs at one time and comes with an in-built buzzer timing alarm function that alerts you when the eggs are ready.

MRP: 1290/-

Offer Price:  999/-

Wonderchef Hot Meals Mini (Electric Lunch Box) – Having cold lunch at office or school is neither healthy nor tasty. Make sure to get this Wonderchef Hot Meals Mini Electric Lunch Box this winters for your dear ones so that they can have the right temperature food that gives the feel and taste of just cooked meal. Wonderchef Hot Meals Mini electric Lunch Box can get piping hot food within minutes. Made with the absolute food grade material, this is leak resistant, and can be an ideal gift for your loved ones during this winter season. It is sturdy, durable and amazingly long-lasting.

MRP: 900/-

Offer Price:  450/-

Mr. Ravi Saxena, MD Wonderchef said, “Wonderchef, almost a decade old, is India’s premium brand of healthy cookware. We have a wide range of cookware and appliances for every modern kitchen. All these winter essential kitchen appliances are handpicked by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor himself. We offer a range of the most durable, innovative, healthy cookware and kitchen appliances for your daily cooking regime.

He further added that every Wonderchef product is designed to add health, taste and convenience to its customer’s life. These premium cookware and appliances adhere to uncompromising standards of quality, meeting the global standards of safety and design.

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