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Washing instructions for swimming clothes

Washing a swimsuit is easy but it must be done by hand if you want to keep using it for a long term. If at all you are bound to wash it in the washing machine, you should put it in the separate bag that is meant for delicate clothes. While many of you might not feel the need to follow a separate washing care routine for your swimming clothes but there indeed is a set of guidelines that one should always bear in mind while doing it. These tips will help your swimsuit last longer, keep the colours vibrant and retain the elasticity.

Below are some tips that might be helpful for you if you are looking forward to such instructions:

  1. Detergent: There are a few detergents available in the market that is specifically made for swimming clothes. These are more commonly called spandex-specific detergent. You must also follow it up with a rinse in the fabric softener as well, as it will ensure there is no foul smell due to the chlorine in the pool.
  1. Water temperature: One should be always cautious to not wash the swimming clothes in hot water, as it might affect the elastic bit or the overall stretch of the garment. Hence it is always advisable to wash it in cold or room temperature water so that the colour and elasticity is retained.
  1. Cycle type: Swimming clothes should only be hand washed, if possible. Washing it in the washing machine will only lead to damage of the fabric, its colour and elasticity.
  1. Drying tips:Another important step is to dry them correctly. Do not go for quick fixes like drying it in the dryer. The excessive tumbling of the drying tub in the dryer along with the excessive heat is surely going to ruin your swimming clothes. One of the most important steps to remember is to never ever wring the clothes, rather gently squeeze. One should not even spread them on a line for drying s it will hamper the shape and elasticity of the swimsuit.
  1. Stain removal: If your swimming costume is of a light/pastel shade such as, white, then it might become stained because of the chlorine water. In such cases, only treat the affected area with a stain removal liquid and let it rest for 50-60 minutes. Then rinse off with cold water. If stain persists, repeat this step daily until the stain goes out completely.
  1. Ironing directions: I know it is not a common fact that people generally iron their swimming costumes. This pointer is especially for those who sometimes tend to dry their swim suits with an iron in case it is a bit damp but you need it urgently to wear. It is a strict no-no!

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