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Washing tips for summer vs winter

Laundry is not always as easy as it seems, especially for the one’s who own a washing machine. Though there’s no denying that a washing machine makes laundry easy but that too requires to have knowledge about certain tips that should be kept in mind. While for others, washing is a not just a tedious work physically, but it also requires some basic knowledge about keeping clothes cleaner, and healthier. It is these small tips that keep our clothes just like new even after years of usage.

One very important factor to keep in mind while doing the laundry is of taking into consideration that weather. Many of you might not really be aware of this, but there are actually a handful of tips that should be considered while doing the laundry in summers versus winters. Sharing some pointers below with detailed information:

Laundry tips for winters:

  1. In winters, most of our clothes are woolen, and they require a pretty different laundry regime. We should not wash them in the regular detergent, and rather use liquid detergent or mild shampoo. These will not only keep them fresh looking, but also retain the colour
  2. Storing and packing of winter clothes is another very important factor. After washing, they should ideally be stored separately in a place that allows passage of air, and few moth balls as well
  3. Dry cleaning. When it comes to laundry in winters, the main problem is of drying them because it takes a lot of time due to low sunlight, especially woolen clothes. So in such a case, it is best to opt for dry cleaning

Laundry tips for summers:

  1. Summers are usually more convenient for laundry as there is ample sunlight that makes our clothes dry faster. But you should always check that you do not hang the clothes in the sunlight for a very long time. Also, make it a point that you flip the clothes after 4-5 hours so that there is no colour fading because of excessive sunlight
  2. Anti-bacterial treatment is another very important thing to keep in mind in summers, as this is the time we have ample sun. One a month, rinse your clothes in an anti bacterial solution like Dettol to ensure that there’s no scope of allergy or skin problems due to sweat patches on our clothes in summer
  3. Fabric contioner is a must during summers. After every wash, rise the clothes in a solution of fabric conditioner to ensure the freshness

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