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Tuesday , 20 August 2019
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Waste Management Alert and Tracking System

Bangalore, 27 June 2018In a country as big and populated as ours waste generation is very high. We generate almost 62 million tonnes of municipal solid waste per annum. Only 43 million tonnes (MT) of the waste is collected, 11.9 MT is treated   and 31 MT is dumped in landfill sites. The rapid increase in waste generation is due to large industrialisation. Even though there are measures done for effective waste management, they are not sufficient to manage the waste generated. The major problem in waste management is its collection and disposal. The open grounds turning into dumping grounds and they in turn turning into breeding grounds or overflowing dustbins are not ideal situations when it comes to waste management. So we are proposing asmart bin which uses an IoT interface


As mentioned above we are using a smart bin which uses an IoT interface. The basic idea is that whenever the dustbin is filled it will send the notification to the driver to come and collect it. As it uses aIoT interface the data collected from the bin will be stored in the cloud. The driver can also access the location of the bin. 

The bin is equipped with a load sensor, ultrasonic sensor, a humidity sensor and a ESp8266 model. The load and ultrasonic sensors give the data related to the dustbin’s filling capacity. The humidity sensor gives details about the humidity of the dustbin. The lids of the dustbins seal automatically after the garbage has reached a certain level. The specific IP address of the ESP8266 sends the location of the dustbin. Through an app interface the driver picks up the location of the dustbin. The user app interface also keeps the user informed of how much the dustbin has been filled. It also gives the user the accessibility to call the driver or to set a pickup for the garbage. 

The drivers will be equipped with smart phones with our app pre-installed. The driver gets the notification when and where the dustbin has been filled. They also have an emergency button in case of emergencies. They can also use the break down assistance in case of a breakdown and another driver will be arranged to do the pickup. 

Our main target customers are industries and restaurants. Commercial companies shell out a lot of money when it comes to its waste management, and 80% of it is spent on transport and collection. Our system efficiently collects waste.Saves a lot of money. 


Using our system will increase the efficiency of collecting waste and its disposal. Drivers save a lot of fuel and time. Companies save a lot of money, and last but not the least the waste gets the proper treatment that it deserves.

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