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Wednesday , 24 April 2019
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Way to prevent too much sweating and remain fresh

Summers brings along with them their own set of skin problems. Be it dehydration, tanning, sunburn, or sweating, it affects everyone in some manner or the other. Out these, sweating it something that induces bad body odor and also leaves a unhygienic and unattractive image of our’s in our circle.

Below are some tips that will help us keep ourselves absolutely fresh in these summers:

Mineral water mist :
To look fresh apply a mist which have mineral water. Also you should apply moisturizer on your skin. In case if you want that your skin stays moisture free, prefer using a water-based moisturizer. This will give a balanced level of moisture in the skin and will keep it hydrated.

Dab skin :
The best way to get rid of excessive oils is to dab your face with a blotting paper. This will remove extra oil from the skin and make it smoother and clearer. Don’t rub your skin hard.

Lighter Moisturizer:
The thick cold cream or the oily creams are not at all necessary for summer because outside elements are not dry in summer. Hence you should apply light lotion moisturizer during summer.

Salicylic Acid:
Use face wash which contains salicylic acid can help your skin pores to unclog and keep the grease away all day long. Using salicylic acid has a matt effect on the skin but, you must restrict the use to once a day.

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