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Friday , 24 May 2019
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Ways to fight ageing

We all have heard everyone saying ‘age is just a number’, but as pass the age of 30years, we gradually start accepting ageing as a natural process and do nt do much about it. Instead we should become more physically active to remain fitter than ever and fight ageing.

Below are some ways in which we can overcome ageing effectively:

  1. Protein shakes: According to Italian research protein shakes can slow down your cells’ ageing process. The amino acids boost your energy-producing mitochondiria, adding up to 12% to your lifespan (nine years for the average man).
  2. Grape seed oil: Grape seed oil is anti-oxidant packed youth juice used in both grooming products and recipes. Slather it onto your face every morning
  3. Some extra dose of eggs: As well as being a potent muscle-builder, getting your eggs helps maintain bone strength and could even slow age-related issues like heart disease and blindness.
  4. Healthy lifestyle: This is actually the key to fighting all the potential problems related to health. Having small meals after every small interval, being physically active, eating the right food, and following a good skincare regime daily before sleeping.

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