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Weight Loss and common Myth’s

Many of us during our teen age have given a good weight to weight loss for some even to weight gain. With ever growing digital world and information on finger tips we are regularly bombarded with different sets of information and viewpoints for weight reduction. Here we will try to eliminate basic misconceptions of weight loss which may apply to majority of the dreamers if not all; as you cannot measure all on same yardstick.

No matter how dedicated you are towards weight loss, cheating your diet plans is a common habit. Many of us have given a shot to weight loss by eliminating few nutrients from our diet, but at the end we always pack more pounds on our bellies. It is a hardcore ground reality no short term efforts can fetch you ever lasting results. Weight loss requires dedicated effort and be rest assured perseverance is the only way to success.  While we all look for that magic wand to reduce weight, but those wands that glitter to our eyes generally lead you to gain weight rather than loosing.

TheleVaala’s and Fast Food: every society has cultural food diversity and you should embrace it in your diet in a proper manner. It’s all about choices you make that derive your success. Take a break once on regular intervals, but reduce the double cheese to single cheese; aerated beverages to juices. Taking a regular fast food break keeps you mentally healthy and socially acceptable on food diets.

Round the Clock snacking: – The idea to not eat meals and skipping food only makes you starve and overeat the next time you eat. One should regularly eat something in regular intervals so as to avoid overeating and not feel the fatigue. I hope we are on a common base when we talk about snacking. CHole Bhature, Vada Paav the traditional indian delicacies are surely not the snacks we are talking about. Foods like nutritional chips, baked snacks or fruits are actually the snacks one should eat between lines to avoid overeating.

Stress and weight: – in this era of 21st century, where you have professional and personal stresses lying besides us. The zeal to excel ruling our brain has made stress a common life partner. Stress for majority leads to a larger appetite, appetite is food. I would really appreciate we do not go into depth of the scientific relations, but in major population the stress leads to weight loss. Whenever you start a weight loss program start with yoga and meditation; yoga and meditation helps you lose stress and makes you more a dedicated person towards the goal.

Carbohydrate balance and Body: carbohydrates are an essential part of energy in body and you have to regulate the intake of carbs in body in a calculated manner. Carbohydrates intake when reduced you start losing water weight, be sure to work out heavy on abs and gaining muscle weight in case you want to have a sleek and good figure. I at the start of my weight loss programme lost 16 kilos in 6 months by regulating my diet and working out hard, later I had a flesh hanging on my stomach which looked worse than my heavy belly. I had to regain 10 kilos to give my abs a shape that looked proper. So whenever you work out, work out in a planned manner. What will look good on the weighing scale might not lead you to have a figure you desired.

Age, Weight and Metabolism: – with growing age your body’s metabolism slows down. Raise your eyebrows whenever you see a doubt. A calorie is a calorie and everyone has its own metabolism to burn it. So what takes an individual 10 days might take you 5 days only; so always try regulating your diet and keep a track record of your results.

Have a look at the title: we start with a BOLD BLOCK, in the middle we start becoming catchy and when we kill our weight loss program “we Shine and Glitter”.

Happy Karma!!!

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