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West Bengal: 12-year-old mother gets transfer certificate from school

Crime does not see the age of the victim, in a rape case 12-year-old girl gave birth to a child; she is possibly the youngest mother of West Bengal. The girl has received a transmission certificate from her school where she was going for studying.

The girl’s family and the girl herself have blamed that school’s principal had chastened the girl and accused her of bringing the evil name to the school. Also, they blamed that principal forced her to leave the school.

Refusing the blames, Principal said that wardens have no disgust for the girl, in fact, they have corpus kindness for her.  They came to her and told that they dreaded she will chat about her sexual misuse with her equals and they did not wish their broods to recognise such things.

The principal also said that it seems to be fishy and why girl’s family is not protected about her? The male teachers also dreaded that she might raise made-up claims of bodily assault against them.

She further said the school is up to VII and in next 6 months she will have to take admission in another school for studying further. Therefore she advocated expediting the process of transfer now.  Girl’s family was also persuaded and wanted for a school transfer certificate.

The girl’s family is looking the results of the DNA test to determine the paternity of the baby. The family told that nonentity tells them when the reports will come finished.

Girl’s aunt said that doctor told us that we must see chief minister Mamata Banerjee for fairness and monetary aid to take care of baby and niece and we will do this earliest.

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