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Tuesday , 20 August 2019
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What are you views on ‘work from home’?

There is always a difference in the opinion of different people, be it any matter. If someone is working from home for the day/consecutive days, it might attract two types of reactions – one, that the person is really unwell; or two, the employee is taking undue advantage of ‘work from home’. Sometimes a genuine problem is not taken serious by the rest of the employees or sometimes people don’t understand the importance of work and instead they do work from home.

The culture of working from home is more trending in the private sector. The employees usually take a work from home’ instead of an off to save their leave balance, and avoid salary deductions. Additionally, they save themselves from the hassle of traveling to the workplace and get the comfort of not getting out their homes.

We should keep this thing in mind that if our company has made certain things comfortable for us (for critical times), let us respect that. Overusing the benefit also impacts the thought process of the HR/admin and they tend to take corrective steps (not allowing work from home). Hence bot the employees and the employer should understand the criticality of the situation and take the decision wisely.


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