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What Benefits will 5G Bring to India and When Will it Arrive?

Since it was first announced that 5G would be launched around the world, companies have been exploring what this will enable them to do in terms of improving their services and processes. From driving work process efficiencies, to automating tasks and even driverless cars being developed, the possibilities are very promising.

What are the main benefits of 5G?

The biggest benefits that mobile phone users will see are faster downloading and uploading speeds, as well as lower latency. In fact, estimates show that 5G speeds will be 13 times faster than the average mobile connection, to give a better idea of just how much faster 5G will be.

Pretty much every industry will stand to gain a lot from having a faster 5G service, with the healthcare industry and transportation being two of the biggest areas to gain from the benefits. The transport industry will benefit from improvements like better visibility of traffic flow, which will speed up the time taken for transportation.

5G and gaming

The online gaming community will be very excited to see the huge improvements that 5G will bring to Virtual Reality gaming experiences, with players feeling fully immersed within a game setting. 5G will significantly reduce latency when people are playing online games with other players, making it feel more realistic.

Other types of online games such as playing bingo, casino games or the online lottery will stand to benefit. Even when engaging with different lottery draws available at sites such as, the faster internet connection will ensure that players get the same experience when playing on their phone, for example, whilst on public transport, where they might have previously experienced reduced connectivity.

When does 5G launch in India?

Initially, 5G was expected to arrive in India early in 2020 but this has been delayed due to a number of reasons. It is more realistic that 5G could be launched in 2021 or even 2022, as a 5G auction is still due to take place before the next steps can be made.

Around the world, there has been a staggered approach to rolling out 5G, for example, in the UK certain cities have had 5G network since May 2019 when EE rolled it out to the selected areas. People with 5G devices on EE can now access 5G network in around 70 cities in the UK, as detailed here

It is estimated that by 2023, 5G will account for 10% of the world’s mobile connections, according to this website It also estimates that 32% of North American mobile connections will be on 5G by 2023. Switzerland has been quick to establish 5G networks and Swisscom state that 90% of the population is covered.

Once 5G has been launched across India, businesses will be able to tap into the many benefits and new, innovative uses of technology will be available. We can all look forward to a much faster mobile internet experience very soon.

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