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“Whatever I Felt At That Time, I’m Over It” – Ranbir Kapoor Opens On His Breakup News Like Never Before! Check Out Here

Few days before in a statement Katrina Kaif said that she will not work with Ranbir Kapoor after Jagga Jasoos. Ranbir and Katrina are a much loved celebrity. People like to watch them on silver screen. There was a good time when Ranbir and Kat’s love story was talk of the town. But now this is the situation that both are not even comfortable to work with each other. But their fans are really hoping they continue to work together on-screen Undoubtedly, they both make for a adorable couple and their chemistry is outstanding.
But recently Ranbir clarified the real meaning of that statement in which Kat said she will never work with Ranbir again. He said that those comments were just a joke and was part of a live chat.  
In an interview with a leading daily, he was asked if all the news surrounding this breakup affected him. He said – “See whatever I felt at that time when all of it was written, I am over it and I don’t want to bring that negativity back in life. It’s fine as we are actors and it’s part of show business. People want to know about yourself and I don’t care what’s written.”
Next He was asked how did he react when he read news of Kat saying she’ll never work with him again? He said – “The way I handled it was that I called her and said what the hell your are saying and how can you lose on such a great creative partner. She said it didn’t say it. It was like a joke and we keep on pulling each other’s legs. She is not somebody who would talk like that. It’s not her language. We have been lucky together in terms of creative partnership. She lets me shine and she is not selfish.”
Well, we are also hoping for the same as Ranbir said and wanna see more of these two on the big screen. What you think about it? Tell us your thoughts and opinion in below comment section.
Looking Forward to you Ranbir Kat!!!

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