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Friday , 26 April 2019
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WhatsApp’s New Status Feature Enables A lot to Do

Famous WhatsApp chat based application is about to update its app with a radical addition. With WhatsApp’s new Status feature which is being released on Monday, will enable users to share photos, GIFs or videos draped with emojis, a caption and drawings and these shared content will be visible to friends for 24 hours before it gets disappeared.


The same feature is famous in Snapchat’s and it was launched some three years before. At present WhatsApp has been popular chat application. Facebook owns WhatsApp.

WhatsApp will retain original status update following to user’s name, beside their profile photo as it is. This new feature will be in separate tab with a + sign that proceeds users directly to the WhatsApp camera. User needs to tap that button and will also see updates from other friends and family.

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