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Monday , 22 July 2019
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When you Educate her, you make her Independent “On

“On Women‘s day, I would like to spread the message to parents of how education is equally important for their daughters. For education does more than just imparting literacy, it empowerswomen to take risks and face the world with confidence. Education is not just learning how to be a problem solver, but a blazer of trails, a setter of bars, and a raiser of stakes. It enableswomen to break that glass ceiling, to find, explore, and pursue their passion.

Sow the seeds of education. What you reap will not just be daughters, but challengers, explorers, dreamers, and achievers.

It is education that has played a vital role in my journey – right from being an executive, to the Director of IdeateLabs. It’s the learnings and values inherent in me that prompt me every morning to do something new and bring a change in my life as well as to society. I certainly feel that if boys can do it, girls can do it better.”      


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