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Where a village is sold childhood, children are given the training of theft

About 2 months ago, several cases of theft of children from Delhi were reported in Delhi. It was incomplete. Because the investigation of this case is still going on. But today we are going to tell you the whole truth of this story. This is a truth that will force the country to think. Because the case is not just a thief or a handful of thieves. Rather, the childhood of India and the theft of that childhood future. An area of ​​just 700 kilometers from Delhi is such that where training camps of childhood theft are conducted.Everybody knows that when the silence is spread between the clarinet in the big cities of the country, then understand that it has been stolen. Take a security guard to avoid the theft in marriage, but the hand will not feel anything. And as long as the CCTV scans, it will be late.The precious things that were cleaned with the hands of the hands were made from the ravages of the country. The MP has reached Gulchhedi village in Rajgarh. We continue to regret the fact that time is bad. Now the children have started to steal. Even if the eyes are not open then open it Because the hands that carry out these acts may be of the innocent but the brain behind it is of the villains.

There is hardly any such state where they will not have been stolen. Look, these small children live. The children who have children sell them or sell them on contract. Children deal in millions of rupees or, half of the stolen goods are worth them. Then they do anything with them. Wherever the children are caught, the buyer or contractor says that the child belongs to him. Big kids go with them, who search for where the shadows are taking place. What is happening where. In the same type of gangtap, children are prepared and sent there. Talking one by one, you will probably understand the handiwork of this syndicate.

Two months ago, five accused were involved in the Delhi Police’s hand. In these inquiries it was revealed that this gang, which is operating from Gulchhedi village of Rajgad, is actually of all India level. And their activity is so fast that in just a few months this gang has done several dozen acts in NCR. There are 15 incidents in which FIRs are registered. In essence, it is necessary to ask the question whether the gang is too vicious. But how can children be recited? How can a gang just boom without this? It’s arguably surprisingly. But this gang works the way. That’s strange to him too. No child is included in the gang only. Rather, there is a system of recruitment.

People of the gang choose to choose only the fastest babies. They are either taken or contracted on contractual contracts with their parents. After this these children are given training in Gulchhedi village. After the completion of training, they are stolen from the big cities in the parties and weddings. We have told you about that written contract. People of this gang have children with children. If you put a cursory glance on this contract, then it is written that one side is giving the other party the contract for the 12 year old son as an advance for only one year. So that his son could throw precious things from the crowd in the marriage parties and these pieces of theft would be equally divided.

The crime is spread here in the open. The accused are uncomfortable. It is said that there is no joke of anyone, who can crack them down. You have already seen the police situation. But if there is a compulsion then the entire team is prepared to enter the village. But when the SHO here is bad, then you can understand why there is nothing in the hands of the police coming from other states. The condition is that nearly 5 dozen warrants issued from the courts are lying here in the police stations which have not been confirmed. This is the reason that the gangs operating here from here come back and they come back here. And the police goes back to the village door. In the middle of Hindustan, the culprits are flourishing in this village and the law is helpless here. There is no one here to hear the court orders, or hopefully we will do it.

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