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A famous saying, “Mistakes have the power to turn you into something better then you were before.”   A lot of mistakes, accidents gave way for great products that we use today. Next time you do a mistake think what you got from it, learn from it, often mistakes lead us towards innovation.

Thank Will Keith Kellogg and his forgetfulness, if you love cornflakes. Keith Kellogg assisted his brother James Kellogg, who was doctor by providing help in cooking food for patients. One day Keith Kellogg accidentally left boiled wheat for several hours unintentionally (which was meant to make bread dough). Later when Kellogg came to roll it into dough, it broke into flakes. Kellogg out of curiosity baked these flakes. These were served to patients who loved it. Later corn was used instead of wheat.

Post its have become very important among the office stationary, important part of a student’s table, aren’t you interested in how it came up. Spencer Silver a Chemist in 3M was trying to create a super strong adhesive for aerospace industry. He accidently created the opposite, extremely weak glue. This adhesive can be peeled off and re used. But, it was regarded to be useless. Art fry also working in 3M aware of Silver’sadhesive, he also sung at Church choir, he used to lose page makers frequently. It stroke to his mind to use Silver’s adhesive to keep them in place. They think of applying adhesive to the paper and then stick it to anything. Together they approach Nicholson for help. This way post it’ssprouted up.

Most favorite snack world over Potato Chips were created to teach a lesson to a customer by a cook. In 19th century a wealthy customer often complained about thickly cut French Style potatoes, irritated Cook sliced the potatoes extremely thin, fried them, put excessive amounts of salt over them, to annoy the customer. But, much to his surprise the customer loved them and so did the most part of world.

Match sticks are very important today, but the day they were first created, they were created without any intention of creating them. John Walker while conducting an experiment in a laboratory stirred a mixture ofantinomy sulfide and potassium chlorate with a wooden stick. A bit of the mixture was stuck to the stick and dried, in an attempt to clean it he scrapped it to a stone floor, the stick burst into flames. Later Walker created several such sticks and demonstrated it to his friends and colleagues. Later on several developments took place ending up with safety matches what we have today.

Choco chipcookies,another most favorite snack, was created when the inventor run out of an ingredient.  Ruth Wakefield in 1930, was making cookies for guests , while making she realized that she was out of baking chocolate. She immediately took Nestle semi-sweetChocolate, broke it into pieces and added them to dough expecting them to melt when baked but after baking they melted only partially. But when served to her guests they loved it and later became famous and leading to a rise in Nestle semi-sweet chocolate sales.

Vulcanized rubber which is widely used today was also invented accidently. Charles Goodyear spent years trying to create good quality rubber but couldn’t find a formula. But one day Goodyear unintentionallyturned lights off in in his laboratory, which led to him accidently spill sulfur, lead and rubber on to a hot stove. A charred rubber like substance was formed which didn’t melt. After further testing under different temperatures, Goodyear realized that he successfully reached his goal all by a mistake.

Not just these, plastic, microwave oven, artificial sweetener, pacemaker, molding clay and many more were all created accidentally.

From all the above examples it’s clear that if you commit a mistake learn from it. Take it positively as nothing goes waste. Now that does not mean you intentionally be careless. Avoiding anything just because you can commit mistakes will never be a good choice. Mistakes help you, at times they may create some new product, may lead to a new idea, new style, new experience and new lesson. If most inventors were scared of making mistakes our lives would never have been how they are today.


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