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Why Do We Need/Wear Jewellery…Psychological and Traditions

why wear jewellery

Wearing jewellery is a practice that has been in existence since several millennia. Evidence about the same is available from the time of Mesopotamian, Egyptian and Indus Valley civilizations. Some evidence also points to use of jewellery during the prehistoric era. These facts make us wonder, as to why we need and wear jewellery and what it means for us. There can be many answers to such questions, but some of the key reasons why we wear jewellery are given below.

Psychological reasons

Famous American psychologist Abraham Maslow had created the ‘Hierarchy of Needs’, which essentially explains the various motivations of human beings at different stages of their lives. Maslow did not talk about why we wear jewellery, but the ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ gives a clear indication about the same. Wearing jewellery fits into the middle sections of ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ pyramid, where we have belongingness and love needs and esteem needs. So, jewellery is a way to express ourselves among our near and dear ones and it also gives us a sense of prestige and accomplishment.

Beyond Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’, we can also look at historical records, which indicate that jewellery was once used to establish an individual’s status in society. For example, jewellery was worn by kings and queens and other members of the royal family to indicate their higher status. Similarly, tribal chieftains used to wear special jewellery to make them easily discernible from other members of the tribe. Such factors still play a role, even though we now live in a modernisticdemocratic society.

Wearing jewellery may also help an individual to find a suitable partner based on theirsocial and financial status. Another thing is that jewellery makes an individual look a lot more attractive, which may also help find the right partner.

Traditional reasons

In many Indian families, wearing jewellery is a part of culture and tradition. It’s not only a means to look beautiful, but also a part of religious practices. For example, some forms of jewellery are a must to be worn during traditional engagement and marriage ceremonies. In many Indian communities, jewellery is part of the family’s heritage and it is passed from one generation to another with great respect and admiration. Traditional Indian jewellery items such as Kundan necklace, chandbaali, jhumka, bangles, mangtikka, bracelets, etc. are a matter of pride and prestige for many Indian families.

Other reasons why we need/wear jewellery

Jewellery also works as a safe investment option, as it remains immune to economic ups and downs. It is believedthat during financial crisis situations, a family can make ends meet by selling its jewellery. We have seen many examples of this in real life and it has also become part of popular culture, as depicted in various movies and TV serials. For those who believe in astrology, wearing specific jewellery items also brings good luck, wealth and prosperity. It is believed that jewellery specially designed for an individual creates positive energies, which in turn brings good luck for the individual.

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