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Why do you secretly record shows: Vir Das asks Indians

New York, Nov 5 (IANS) Actor-comedian Vir Das is troubled that Indians at comedy shows record the performance secretly.

The comedian is currently in the US on a tour.

In a Twitter post, he wrote on Sunday: “Dear Indians who come for comedy shows… Please…. Pretty please?”

“After three backstage announcements… After personally asking you to stop on the mic… After sitting with many people from different countries who are respecting that rule… Why do you still secretly record the show?” he further said.

In Arizona, he had a good time.

“Fun tip for touring comics. Find the local sports team, buy their t shirt. Souvenier plus instant connect with audience. Arizona,” he tweeted.

Vir is due to perform at the New York Comedy Festival on November 9, in Philadelphia on November 10=11 and in Hollywood, California on November 15, before moving to Dubai to perform as part of his Boarding Das World Tour on November 17.

Das’s tour is in support of his upcoming one-hour comedy special titled “Abroad Understanding”, that was released by Netflix.

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