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Why Influencer Marketing should be an important part of Digital Marketing Plans?

As time has passed, it is not only the Internet surfers who have gone impatient; it is also the business owners! While digital marketing plans, even a few years ago, comprised of the best SEO practices and were sprinkled with some smart social media strategies, today their dynamics have massively changed. Present day digital marketers are after immediacy and they are on the lookout for Harry Potter’s magic wand! Well, influencer marketing has given them some hope to show results from day one. While the long and slow moving SEO process is still finding a place in the digital marketing plans, the marketers are putting stress on influencer marketing.

Simply speaking, influencer marketing is getting content done and published by a person who has a fair amount of fan following. Today’s consumers come across hundreds of relevant ads during their surfing sessions. Most tend to ignore these ads as modern day consumers are quite reluctant in doing business with a new name! This is where influencer marketing pitches in perfectly, it creates the ground and you can launch a campaign to reap in its benefits! There are many other advantages of influencer marketing.

It is Social

Social media has progressed from being a fun place to a warehouse of information. And you can strike the right chords with a well thought out influencer marketing campaign. When the influencer posts something, the followers tend to take it very seriously. And when the influencer praises your brand, its brand value goes up by leaps and bounds. You create the right air about your products and services.

It is cost effective

When compared with display ads and other paid marketing channels, influencer marketing would always prove very cost effective. Your ads can be blocked with a capable ad blocker, your other marketing tactics might or might not prove fruitful, but over the years influencer marketing has always proved to be immensely beneficial for the brands. It provides higher engagement rates and the converted leads are good sources for repeat sales.

It meets the marketing goals

Influencer marketing is emerging as the fastest growing channel for customer acquisition. It can start showing positive results from the first post onwards. It helps you target the consumers with higher accuracy and helps you place the brand within their hearts. Good influencer marketing can help you mint money!

If you do not have influencer marketing in your digital marketing mix, then you are surely missing out on a grand scope!


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