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Tuesday , 20 August 2019
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Why is pizza bad for your health!

We all know that pizzas are unhealthy owing to the oodles of cheese that it is layered with and the base of maida that it is made with. But many do look at it as a healthy option owing to the veggies and goodness of dairy products in the form of cheese. 


Below are some reasons that indicate why you should stop eating pizza right away!

  1. Acidity: The contents of pizza like the cheese, sauce and also the crust does not go down well with your stomach, especially if you suffer from acidity. Most of the pizzas contain tomato sauce which is considered not safe for people who suffer from acid reflux due to its high acidic content. The major cause of acidity due to pizza is that people tend to eat it more, replacing either lunch or dinner with it.
  2. High in fat, salt and calories: While trying to make their pizzas tasty, the mass producers of pizzas have ignored the nutritional balance of this much desired food. Today, most of the pizzas you eat are high in salt, fat and calories, much more than what you should intake. In fact, research conducted on some brand names of pizzas have shown that they contain nearly twice the amount of salt than that recommended for an adult.  Two slices of pizzas typically contains 600 calories besides the high fat content.
  3. Made up of unhealthy processed food: The flour, cheese, meat, mushrooms and many other ingredients that go into the making of pizza are processed and unhealthy. The tomato sauce is made of up lot many ingredients and may never have seen real fresh tomato at all. Preservatives are another harmful ingredient found in pizzas which can have quite some adverse effects on your health. The very popular pepperoni toppings have nitrate and other harmful fillers.

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