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Why is trimming hair make it grow faster

split ends can end up making hair shorter than an actual trim. So even if regular trims can’t make hair grow longerfaster; well-timed trims can help keep hair healthy and prevent it from breaking. As long as you don’t notice any split ends or breakage points, keep the trims to a minimum.

1. Hair grows about a 1/2 inch per month whether you cut it or not. There isn’t much you can do to speed up your hair’s growth rate. It might grow a little faster in the summer, though that has nothing to do with scissors, only hormones.

2. When the end of a hair strand splits, it can continue to travel upwards, eventually causing your hair to break off.

3. you can mend them temporarily with a leave-in conditioner such as a silicone or beeswax product. However, this is just a temporary fix. To truly stop split ends from spreading, you need to cut off the damaged length of your hair strands.




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