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Why It’s Important To Reduce The Sugar In Your Children Diet

Children are blissfully unconcerned with any such adult concerns. They select their food strictly going by how it tastes. As a result, when it comes to sugar, children see no reason why they should not have more of it.

Parents who try to cut down on the amount of sugar their children consume often meet with such stiff resistance and non-cooperation that they give up their attempts. The end result is that most children do end up consuming more sugar than is good for them.

Why Sugar Can Be Harmful:

Foods containing refined sugar, such as Colas aerated drinks, chocolates or pastries amount to a lot of calories, but do not contribute any healthy nutrients to children. Over-consumption of these foods is associated with obesity, a major health concern about growing children today. This problem is further aggravated by the increasingly sedentary habits that today’s children are developing.

Excessive sugar consumption is also believed to affect children’s moods and energy levels. According to child nutrition researchers, this happens more in the case of refined sugar, which enters the blood stream quickly, causing children to experience fluctuations in the glucose levels.

Eating sugar causes the formation of plaque and attracts cavity causing bacteria. Dentists consider sugar to be one of the main causes of tooth decay in children.

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