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Why millennials prefer healthy double toned milk?

 The benefits of best full cream milk have been verified in many scientific research studies and a lot many people prefer this for staying healthy and free from various diseases. However, when it comes to millennials, a trend can be seen where this young generation gives preference to healthy double toned milk. So, why is it that the millennials prefer double toned milk nutrition over full fat milk. We asked some millennials and here’s what we learned.

nutrition in milk newspatrollingNutrition, minus the fats – Many millennials want to avoid the fat, since they want to appear as lean as possible. There’s a perception that fat makes them gain weight, which has not yet been proved conclusively in scientific studies, but the perception persists among millennials. Since double toned milk nutrition offers basically the same level of nutrients as full fat milk, millennials opt for it to avoid the fat.

Hectic lifestyle – Some millennials said that they have a hectic lifestyle and full cream milk makes them a bit drowsy. They said that double toned milk is easier to digest and does not give them the feeling of bloating. Whether this is true has not been determined yet, but the millennials believe in this theory and follow it.

Style statement – For some millennials, drinking double toned milk has become a way to make a style statement. They opt for it, as it makes them appear suave and sophisticated. Here again, it seems like perceptions are at work for prompting millennials to choose toned milk.

Variety of flavors – Many brands of healthy double toned milk come with different flavors, which appeals to the millennials. This generation wants to experiment and does not want to be limited to the same taste every day. Flavored toned milk allows them to experience something new, all while, supplying the essential nutrients that they need on a daily basis.

Extra vitamins and minerals – Some brands of toned milk come fortified with added vitamins and minerals, something that millennials prefer. Millennials have a sharp focus on health and fitness, and they are always on the lookout for the most nutritious food.

As can be seen from the above responses provided by millennials, some reasons seem true whereas others seem to be based on perceptions and belief. Overall, it can be said that it’s a matter of choice when it comes to selecting healthy double toned milk or best full cream organic milk, since both are good for health.

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