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Why our teeth gets discoloured?

Disease and treatment:
Diseases can also cause teeth discolouration. Diseases related to mouth and teeth lead to staining. If a pregnant woman develops any kind of infection, this can result in tooth discolouration in the newborn. Even some treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy can also cause teeth discolouration.

Food materials:
Certain food items and drinks such as apples, potatoes, cold drinks, tea, coffee and alcohol can cause your teeth to discolour. They change the pH of the mouth leading to staining of the teeth.

Excessive use of fluoride:
Excessive use of toothpaste rich in fluoride or use of water high in fluoride content for rinsing causes fluorosis. Fluorosis results in the appearance of thick white stains, followed by browning of the teeth and tooth decay.

Aging is another important factor responsible for teeth discolouration. Aging leads to wearing of the enamel which exposes the yellow dentine. Old people who smoke and drink are more prone to develop teeth discolouration.

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