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Saturday , 25 May 2019
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Why Shabana Azmi praised Delhi Metro

“I am Stuck in traffic” we all use this line as an excuse once we get late to office or somewhere else. But nowdays this is the reality of capital of India. But serious thanks to Delhi metro that we can survive here. Now the one veteran actress from Bollywood is also saying this statement. Shabana Azmi is an Indian actress of film, television and an amazing theatre artist. Recently actress moved out from her private car and traveled by the metro instead in order to avoid peak-hour traffic jam. 
She was going for an appointment somewhere and traveled by Delhi metro in today morning. Actress just to express her this experience, She took herself on tweeter and shared her feelings. 
She wrote on Twitter alongside a photograph – “Travelling by Delhi Metro from airport to make it in time for an urgent appointment! Its SUPERB.. clean”. 

Later on she also shared an update that she successfully made it to an appointment on time and praised the Delhi metro services for helping her do that. She is looking so happy as she a post again after appointment.

“Hey guys! Appointment done. Would never have made it in time by car! The magic of public transport! Delhi Metro WOW!” Azmi posted on tweeter.

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