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Why State based geographic segmentation is essential for digital marketing campaigns?

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Opting for a paid digital marketing campaign is a big business decision. Of course there are immense business gains if the campaign performs well, but on the downside you could land with nothing for all the fortunes spent! Segmentation of audiences offers a better success scope for digital marketing campaigns. You cannot have the same marketing pitch for all audiences. And in this regard the Geographic segregation of audiences is the most important. Below are some other reasons why you should always opt for state based segmentation:

  • Right Pitch & Tone: No matter which nation you operate in, you would find a slight variation in the language and culture from one part of the country to the other. In this digital world you have hardly a few seconds to capture the imagination of the audiences. With the right pitch and tone you could attract attention and even make some sales! The inclusion of local linguistic and cultural aspects would give you lead over the others.
  • Perfect Sales Proposition: States, within a nation, have their own individuality. They have their own grandiose festivals and religious preferences. If you can take this into account and throw in a good sales proposition, when the audiences are as it is looking out for a similar service, then your chances for success increase manifold.
  • Noting the Preferences: There will be some states, or parts of the states, where car purchases (for example) remain high. There would be other parts where local transportation rules the roost. There are many such insights you can tap into and make your digital marketing campaigns more targeted. There is no point of advertising to the deaf ears!
  • Implementing State based keywords: The state based geographic segmentation of audiences also allows you the privilege of choosing the local keywords, which would have less competition. It helps you become the number 1 service provider (as per Google) in a chosen state. And that can be a big step forward to attaining business supremacy.
  • Use the “local” benefit: If you have a store in the state, chosen for digital marketing campaign, then it would offer you the benefit of being a local. People are often more willing to check out the stores in their locality then the global chains. This is the advantage that you can gain through state based segmentation of target audiences.

So, the next time your digital marketing agency wants your inputs on a campaign plan, do reiterate on the geographic segmentation of target audiences.

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