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Wife gets £453 million as divorce settlement; one of the biggest in English legal history

In one of the biggest divorce settlements in English legal history, a former London-based oil and gas trader has been ordered to pay 453 million pounds ($583 million) to his estranged British wife. The order was passed by London’s High Court. The settlement amount constitutes nearly 41.5% of the man’s wealth. The couple had gotten married in 1993. The man, now 61 years of age, had made his fortune in Russia’s energy sector and his primary income was through the sales of shares in a Russian company he set up for $1.37 billion in 2012. The woman, now 44, was a housewife throughout the marriage and has two children from the marriage.

The woman told the court that the wealth created by her estranged husband was the result of efforts made by both the parties, and hence she should be entitled to a larger share of his wealth. The 453 million pound settlement granted by the court includes a modern art collection worth more than 90 million pounds and an Aston Martin car valued at 350,000 pounds.

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