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Saturday , 17 November 2018
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Winslet still recites 'Titanic' lines with DiCaprio

Los Angeles, Sep 28 (IANS) Actress Kate Winslet says she and actor Leonardo DiCaprio still recite lines from 1997 film “Titanic” to each other.

Winslet opened up about her friendship with DiCaprio on TV show “Good Morning America” on Tuesday, reports

“Is it true that you’re such close friends that when you do talk, you quote ‘Titanic’ lines back and forth to each other?” Michael Strahan asked Winslet on the show.

While nodding in agreement, Winslet replied: “You know. I know you love us even more now.”

She added: “I do feel so grateful for that friendship (with DiCaprio). And honestly it is like family. It’s one of those rare Hollywood friendships that I just feel very, very blessed to have.

“I sort of wish there was like a soap opera version of the story where actually Jack and Rose really do end up together. But no.”

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