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With 42 deaths, bloodiest Ramzan in Kashmir in years

At least 42 people, including nine policemen, were killed in Kashmir in June in what could be the bloodiest Ramzan in the Valley in recent years.

The toll includes 27 terrorists and six civilian deaths.

A senior police officer told that Friday’s lynching has resulted in fear among the lower rungs of security forces.

Although the killing drew criticism from all quarters, security forces believe it’s insufficient to deter people from acting against cops.

“Although she (Mehbooba) was very hard in her statement against the attack on police, we have got the signal not to act severely against the wrong-doers, even local militants because of political reasons,” the officer said.

“How long will we lose our men to people, who like mad dogs, chase us because we happen to belong to the police department?” he added.

Police forces have been a target for both terrorists and civilians.

Director general of police S P Vaid said three people were behind Pandith’s murder, and police have arrested two of them.

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