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Woman gulps down $7000 cash to take revenge on cheating husband

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, goes the saying. And a man learned this the hard way when his wife swallowed their savings worth $7000, just to take revenge on him after she found that he was cheating on her. The wife, 28-year-old Sandra Milena Almeida from Colombia, got to know that her husband was cheating on her and was planning to leave her soon. She decided to take revenge and hid the savings they had. However, her husband came to know that she is hiding their savings. He reasoned with her and managed to get half of it. However, as the arguments continued, matters soon got worse and in a fit of rage, the wife swallowed the entire stash of cash worth $7000. The cash was rolled up, so somehow she managed to gulp it down.

The woman thought that she has successfully taken revenge on her cheating husband, but it did not turn out good, as she developed severe abdominal pain and had to be admitted in a hospital. However, she did not tell doctors at that time what had happened. Doctors operated on her and were surprised to see several $100 notes in her intestines. Some were dissolved by the gastric fluid, but the doctors managed to recover intact notes worth $5,700. Now, a judge will have to decide what to do with the recovered notes.

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