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Woman killed by crocodile on banks of river Narmada

Daxaben Kanubhai Tevar, a 45 year old woman was killed yesterday near Bhalod village in Bharuch district when she was bathing. She was dragged inside the river by a crocodile and her corpse was found six hours later.

A police official said “When the crocodile attacked Dakshaben, the other woman raised an alarm. But the crocodile dragged the victim into the river. Some fishermen, who were in a boat nearby, jumped into the river only to find the woman trapped in the crocodile’s jaws.” He also said “Only after the fishermen hit the crocodile with sticks, the animal released the woman’s body.”

Ashish Sharma, an animal activist, said, “Most of the crocodile attacks take place between March and June because it is nesting season for them. Female crocodiles lay eggs and build a nest over them. And if they see anyone close to their nest, they become aggressive. Warning boards need to be put on the banks of Narmada for the benefit of villagers. There is need to launch a mass awareness campaign in the villages along the river banks by the forest department.”

The forest department has been informed about this incident.

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