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Rape, discrimination, foeticide and eve teasing.
What women of our country are facing is not at all pleasing

Respecting a woman is an integral part of our culture.
But all she is getting is harassment and torture.

That shocker of a case in Delhi was named “Nirbhaya “.
But that evil brutal thought in minds abhi tak nahi gaya.

Laws were framed after that very name.
But the execution of culprits under it is pretty lame.

I’ve heard stupid things that the dressing styles of girls provoke.
But can someone please tell me what emotions did that 5 year old girl evoke??

A woman in bikini shouldn’t be raped.
And so shouldn’t be a woman with a sari draped.

What men are doing with women in our country is pathetic.
But the worst part is the government is just being sympathetic.

We just keep discussing whom to blame.
But whatever is happening has just put our country to shame.

It is high time each of us takes a step towards making this nation a better place.
The women deserve to live w

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