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Monday , 17 June 2019
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Women who works and earn salary

women works

Women who works and earn salary or other incomes outside the home are working women. Women have shown lot of their capabilities in different fields. It can be the highest position in public officials or the highest political fields. Women have matched the shoulders with men. Many changes have taken place in their position, in this male – dominated society.

In olden day women were considered centre of the social and cultural life of the family, this means they were only considered as housewives who takes care of every family member with her love. It was her particular responsibility.

But now, in this modern society, in every field there are many challenges and competition, women have become so strong that they are housewives as well as working women. The women of this generation have equal rights of the status and opportunities with men.

They have become financially strong. But with this change from household life to working women, the problems have increased. Her tasks, duties and responsibilities has increased and hardened. The problem such as juggling between career and personal life, facing society, her personal health, her passion and desires. Balancing between so many duties and obligations a women face numerous challenges everytime, everyday. Working women are divided between her jobs and personal duties.


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