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Work hard to Burn hard

The game is always won with pain, intensity, zeal and courage. Here we bring the killer routine for workouts; where killer intensity is the karma of living.  It’s time to make your body a Furnace which works to burn to kill.

If you think it’s— been long and results are still not here, it is probably the right time to go heavy on high intensity weight training. A bit of Cardio everyday to burn the belly locks and remaining time pull weights it’s time to flaunt the body.

There is no specific day for workout routine to start, we all work with different professional and gyming working days, so no Saturday no Sunday no fix rest day. 1 thing to be kept in mind before you start, legs are an important part; either keep them before the rest day or just after the rest day.

Everybody has its capacity and body structure; no doubt we are looking to push the limits but we should define our limits with calculations. The workout you select, exercise split, workout routine, workout time, intensity virtually all aspect of the program you design be sure to fit it into limits you can cover without injuries.

 Intense Circuits:  intesnse workout is one way to build muscle and stimulate muscle building hormones.  Not only intense circuits help you stimulate hormonal response; but also helps getting the body ready for an lean mass reduction streak. The interval workouts get the adrenalin moving and push our body to newer limits.

Cover the entire body: be sure to cover the entire body whenever you work out. Involving the entire body into the routine challenges the body.

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