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Monday , 24 June 2019
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Workout ideas for your brain

We all realise when our body get tired, when needs rest, and when it needs workout. But hardly do we realise that the same goes for our mind. Towards the nd of the day, like our body, our minds also is fatigued and needs relaxation. Our sleep is the time when our minds relax. But it does mean that during the day, minds do not need any relaxation. Whenever you are too tied up or stressed with something, you should take abreak for few minutes. This will not only relax your mind, but also generate newer ideas to deal with the situation.

Apart from relaxation, workout is also important for our mind just like our bodies. Below are some brain exercise:

  1. Take your brain out for morning walk: Exposure to blue light increases brain activity and alertness more than drinking a cup of coffee does
  2. Avoid gadgets before sleep: As you wind down and your body prepares for sleep, you want all those alert parts of the brain to wind down with you. That means minimizing blue light exposure after sunset. The trouble is that laptops, phones, lamps, streetlights, and most other sources of artificial light all emit blue light, suppressing melatonin production and decreasing sleep quality
  3. Fasting once in a while: Another way to improve your brain is through intermittent fasting. If you go for a few hours (say, 16 hours) without eating, all kinds of good things happen. In addition to burning tons of fat while you fast, your brain cells become more resistant to damage from stress

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