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Tuesday , 20 August 2019
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Worst Dengue outbreak in Sri Lanka kills more than 200

Dengue has taken the life of several hundreds of people in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is suffering its worst-ever dengue outbreak, with the mosquito-borne virus killing 225 people and infecting more than 76,000 this year.

Experts worry the death toll could yet increase, as the country’s health infrastructure struggles to cope with the virus’ rapid spread.

Families are now struggling to find adequate care for affected individuals, with overcrowded hospitals turning away patients in need of urgent assistance.

The number of infections nationwide is already 38% higher than last year, when 55,150 people were diagnosed with dengue and 97 died, according to the Health Ministry. The highest number of cases is in the region around the main city of Colombo, though cases were being reported across the tropical island nation.

This year’s strain is particularly dangerous. There is no cure for any of the four strains of the virus, which causes a high fever, weeks of exhaustion and in some cases a vicious skin rash. Patients most at risk of dying are the elderly, children or those with other medical complications.

There are reports that says, delayed medical attention has been the leading cause for deaths arising from dengue,

More than 79,000 infections have been registered since the start of the year, more than three times the number recorded in 2009.

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