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Would The Age Be A Problem To The Three Khans?

According to some people, age is just a number.. Actually, this is not true for everyone especially when you are talking about a Hindi film superstar who is supposed to do some strong actions and dances and expected to bring in huge numbers at the box office.
It is obvious that age plays a big role in the careers of female actors, since when a female actor crosses the 40-year mark, or even 30 in some instances, she cannot play the main role in a movie for example Tabu who is 45 years old, played older sister to Salman Khan, who is 51, in 2014’s Jai Ho.

However, this can be applied on men too especially with the testimonies of the three Khans who confessed that the age is seldom considered a barrier in the career of male actors. This year Shah Rukh and  Salman Khan are 51 as well as Aamir Khan is 52.
The three superstars of Bollywood  are gradually affected by their age which is increasing and preventing them from doing all the action they’ve been doing before. Although some can still conveniently run in the streets and around trees and play college goers, but the range of their roles is getting limited by time. This is so natural since they don’t have the same physical endurance as before to keep up with the challenging demands which the Hindi film industry requires them to do.
In order to portray any character in a film, the actor must resort  to three tools: prosthetics/makeup, VFX and drastic physical transformation.
However, with the age increasing over 50, the three Khans are facing some difficulties to incorporate these into their respective approaches, and this is not a secret anymore.

Salman Khan confessed that he could not do a Kabir Khan film because he had a medical condition, and this was in a recent interview with Film Companion,
According to Salman referring to his Trigeminal neuralgia disorder, the script of the film required him to play the role of a man at different age groups. In this case, there would be some prosthetics and he already has a breathing problem, so he cannot act comfortably with all this makeup on.
Moreover, the same problem took place in Ali Abbas Zafar’s Sultan. Zafar required him to sport a paunch for a crucial scene in the film, which was hard for Salman who said that Ali is probably not aware how much time, patience and efforts it demands to gain weight then lose it to play a professional wrestler.

In another interview, Salman addressed that he’s still has lot of aches, pain, and ligament tears after Sultan.

For the second Khan, Aamir did not use prosthetics or VFX for his role as the older Mahavir Singh Phogat in Dangal, but he had to make a big change in his weight which is too hard for his age. Some experts said that he used steroids for his ‘Fat to Fit’ transformation, but some denied it especially that Aamir chose to do one film in two years and had a good time to invest in the process.

At his recent TED Talk in Vancouver Shah Rukh Khan, Like Aamir and Salman, was concerned about being an ageing superstar. He admitted that he was driven by the love of fans, but he is aware of his physical limitations, especially after he having repeated surgeries on his knees, shoulder and pine. He also mentioned that he cannot play a dwarf in Aanand L Rai’s next the ‘old school way’, because his prior surgeries won’t let him walk on his knees.
Eventually,  although Age is playing his role with the three Khans, they aren’t ready to slow down just yet , especially that these superstars they’re still bringing in the box office numbers, and the fans adore them.

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