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Wrongly similar birthdate mentioned on Aadhaar Cards in Allahabad village

A major mistake happened in records of Aadhaar card in Kanjasa village of Jasra block of Gurpur in Allahabad. The total population of the village is more than 10, 000 and unfortunately the date of birth for the whole population of the village printed 1st January.


Definitely, it is big error happened. The locals say that they were cheated as they waited long to get their Aadhaar cards and finally they got them, such silly mistake happened.


Ram Dulari Village head told that we have got information about the wrong birthdate on Aadhaar cards are printed and very soon we will issue them the new Aadhaar card with correct details.


The dodge came into the light once government’s primary school teachers went to collect detail of Aadhaar Card numbers of school going students to the village. As per UP government rule, every school student’s Aadhaar card is must and it should be registered with the school.

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