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After special occasions, we get a lot of gifts. Althou I got many things this time, but one was very fascinating, so I will decided to share it with everyone. It is a perfume from Yardley, Yardley London Personalized Perfume… from now on, I will always keep some bottles of Yardley in my closet, case and everywhere.

Product Description:
Yardley London Personalized Perfume is a very beautiful fresh fragrance which can be really recommended for every elegant and sophisticated woman. This feminine fragrance is so fresh, attractive and sexy, and for sure it lasts for a long time.

 It is available in stores and online, in a 150ml package.

I really like this perfume because its fragrance smells a little different than any other one I’ve tried before. Therefore, if you like unique perfumes, you must try this one and you will know that it is essential for your special collection.

What is so special is that it is so feminine, refreshing and classy, and I am sure that every lady will fall in love with it after the first sniff.

When I first opened the gift, I was fascinated with its gorgeous look, so I couldn’t stop myself to sniff the perfume. It really calmed my mind with its light and pleasant that I couldn’t recognize what combinations made such a great scent.

Whenever I go, I don’t forget to spray some perfume on my wrist, neck and hair to feel its smell hugging my body. It really gives a sense of self confidence.

I will buy some extra bottles for this season, because it will be my secret weapon against bad smells of the body. The staying power of this perfume is pretty decent, it is unbelievable how it stays for a long time and doesn’t go away from my skin, clothes and hair for quite some time after application.

Moreover, its packaging is so impressive, and never faced any troubles with it. The 150ml  glass bottle can be easily put in your case without any worries because the cap fits in properly and doesn’t spill the perfume. On the other hand, if you want to put it with your collection, this one will stand up and its attractive color will make all other bottles look boring.

Now, let’s move to its pros and cons…

Pros of Yardley London Personalized Perfume:

  •  Attractive packaging.
  • Remarkable staying power.
  • Acceptable price
  • Uplifts my mood.
  • Not an overpowering fragrance.
  • Suitable for all seasons especially summer.
  • Doesn’t spill.

    Cons of Yardley London Personalized Perfume

  • Absolutely nothing, but you can’t stop asking for more.

    The first bottle of Yardley London Personalized Perfume was a gift for me, but I will always purchase this special perfume and I recommend it for every woman.

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