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Yet another innovation by Adityanath; cabinet meetings in different cities

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has been unlike any other, as he has readily come up with a new style of governance that breaks tradition and focuses on results. In yet another unusual move, Adityanath is evaluating the possibility of holding the cabinet meetings at locations other than Lucknow. Political pundits said that Uttar Pradesh is a big state and the government cannot limit itself to a certain city or region. The move to conduct cabinet meetings in other parts of the state will allow the leadership to understand local issues more closely and find better solutions to the problems.

It may be recalled that it is not mandatory to conduct cabinet meetings in the state’s capital Lucknow. However, up till now, this was the usual practice and no one seemed to think of a better idea. But, Adityanath may change this with his innovative idea. Nonetheless, the idea is still in its infancy and may take some time to become a reality. Some sources said that plans are already being made to host the next cabinet meeting in Allahabad.

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