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Yet another man’s Facebook post exposes Indian Railways’ ‘catering scam’

Earlier this year , a Kolkata man had posted about the ongoing Catering scam in the Railway pantry cars.

Yet another post on social media has drawn lot of attention.

Neelabh Khanikar was traveling from Duliajan to Dimapur on Patna Express with his family. 

He bought two plates of egg Briyani for Rs.80 each . But he had a doubt and went to pantry car and asked. There he found the actual price of one plate egg briyani is Rs.63 and not Rs.80. 

The man wrote in detailed FB post that has gone viral.

Khanikar even recorded a video of him asking the man why he charged so much. He continued recording even at pantry car asking officials why they are overcharging.

Khanikar was asked to stop recording but he refused to stop and said he will bring it to notice of the Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu.

Officials said that they overcharged by mistake and finally agreeing to return the extra money to him. 

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