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When we look closely at the current healthcare system, it reveals a startling picture. Even as medical science is making consistent progress, health problems are on the rise. New and improved medicines and treatment approaches are being discovered every year, and yet, an increasing number of people continue to suffer from various types of diseases. The problem is more acute in case of chronic and cardio-metabolic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, thyroid problems, obesity, skin diseases, psychological problems, etc.

So, whatexactly is happening here? Why is conventional medicine unable to provide long-term relief and cure to patients? Well, there’s a simple answer to that – conventional medicine is focused on treating the symptoms. For example, if you have a skin rash, the doctor will most likely prescribe a skin cream along with some other medicines. The doctor will never try to find the root cause of the skin rash. This is why chronic diseases reappear after a while and the cycle repeats over and over again. The patient continues to suffer all throughout, as a complete cure eludeshim.

One can also witness the general apathy at hospitals, where patients are given just about 2-3 minutes of consulting time. This short time frame is not even adequate to describe all the problems and symptoms that the patient may be experiencing. In developed countries such as US, Sweden and Norway, the average consulting time is over 20 minutes. Howeverhere, time is money for doctors. The more patients they see every day, the more money they can make. This clearly illustrates the profit-oriented corporatization of healthcare services, which has become the bane of modern society.

How Intelligent Ageing Is Transforming Healthcare

Intelligent Ageing (health care clinic)is a pioneering healthcare initiative by eminent doctors and personages from business fraternity, who have identified the pain points of the existing healthcare system. Intelligent Ageing does not oppose modern medicine; rather, it is focused on finding and fixing the inadequacies of the current healthcare system. Intelligent Ageing utilizes the tenets of functional/integrative medicine and seeks to transform the lives of people through progressive healthcare practices and holistic medical care.

At Intelligent Ageing (a health care clinic), the focus is on identifying the eliminating the root cause of the disease. This way, patients are able to reverse their chronic condition and achieve a complete cure. The dynamic healthcare system devised by Intelligent Ageing looks at the ‘whole person’ and not just the problems and symptoms that patients may be experiencing. When the root cause of the disease has been identified, the Age Management Doctor at Intelligent Ageing prescribes a holistic treatment plan that comprises a mix of functional medicine, nutrition, lifestyle changes, spiritual & emotional motivation, and natural therapies.

The 3M Process

An exhaustivethree-step process is followed at Intelligent Ageing, so that patients can increase their chances of reversing their chronic condition.

  • Measure: In this step, patients are given the freedom to discuss theirlifestyle, medical history, problems, and symptoms in great detail. This allows the Age Management Doctor to gain critical insights into the patient’s problems. A body composition analysis machine is also used to identify various health indicators and potential health risks. Next, tests are done based on theexisting problems of the patient such as hypertension, diabetes, thyroid, etc. Based on the reports and the patient’s biochemistry and health profile, a functional health and wellness program is devised by experts.
  • Mentor: Based on the patient’s family background and medical history, various recommendations are made such as those related to food & nutrition, lifestyle changes, special exercises, etc.
  • Monitor: At Intelligent Ageing, a patient’shealth is constantly monitored through the use of Health App and Anti-Ageing Software. This allows doctors and life coaches at Intelligent Ageing to introduce changes whenever necessary to ensure optimal health of the patient.

How you can benefit from Intelligent Ageing’s breakthrough healthcare platform

Intelligent Ageing’s breakthrough healthcare platform has the power to transform your life. Here are the key benefits you can get:

  • Advanced genetics: The diagnosis will be based on advanced genetics that focus onidentifying the root cause of your existing problem and potential health risks.
  • Complete cure: With the focus on eliminating the root cause, Intelligent Ageing can provide complete cure for a wide variety of chronic conditions.
  • Non-invasive procedures: The focus will be on restorative therapies, functional medicine, nutrition, improving gut microbiome, counseling, exercise, and lifestyle changes.
  • Long-term health benefits: With Intelligent Ageing’s evidence-based approach, you can derive long-term healthbenefits.
  • The best doctors: The healthcare team at Intelligent Ageing comprises the best doctors and healthcare specialists.These professionals have several years of experience and have successfully treated thousands of patients.

Aesthetic treatment

Another great thing about Intelligent Ageing is that you can get Aesthetic Treatment, in addition to functional medical treatment. Intelligent Ageing works with its aesthetic partner “Sens” that is focused on providing aesthetic treatments for nourishing health &flourishing beauty. This way, you get the opportunityto achieve both internal and external healing, all under one roof. Sens offers variousaesthetic treatments such as skin care, body care, hair care, and face care.

Wave Group promoted health & wellness firm Intelligent Ageing has redefined healthcare. It has already transformed the lives of thousands of patients suffering from chronic and cardio-metabolic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, thyroid, lung disease, cancer, ageing, skin diseases, and heart problems. For patients looking for long-term healthbenefits, it would be worthwhile to get a medical assessment done at Intelligent Ageing.

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