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Youth Congress Workers butcher a calf publically in Kannur, Kerala

After the government’s new rule on cow slaughter, about 50 students of IIT Madras joined beef fest organized in the campus to object the verdict of the ban on buying selling of cattle for slaughter in the market of animals.

In the Kerala, a Youth Congress activist was butchering a calf publically and complaint is registered against Rijil Makulti and his assistants for butchering a calf publically during the beef fest.

Rahul Gandhi, Vice President of Congress party said this incident happened in the Kannur not acceptable and it is the example of ferocious. He strongly condemned the incident.

Randeep Surjewala, Congress spokesperson said that those workers involved in the incident are suspended from the party and party has not place for such components.

In past also Congress arranged the beef party in Kerala to object the Centre government’s ban. Kerala Chief Minister also slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this matter.

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